The People + AI Guidebook was written to help user experience (UX) professionals and product managers follow a human-centered approach to AI.

Getting Started

The Guidebook’s recommendations are based on data and insights from over a hundred individuals across Google product teams, industry experts, and academic research.

These six chapters follow the product development flow, and each one has a related worksheet to help turn guidance into action.

Google PAIR. People + AI Guidebook. Published May 8, 2019.

Identify user needs, find AI opportunities, and design your reward function.

Decide what data are required to meet your user needs, source data, and tune your AI.

Introduce users to the AI system and set expectations for system-change over time.

Explain the AI system and determine if, when, and how to show model confidence.

Design feedback and control mechanisms to improve your AI and the user experience.

Identify and diagnose AI and context errors and communicate the way forward.