PAIR Events

PAIR hosts an annual symposium bringing together researchers, artists, academics, policy makers, philosophers, technologists, social scientists and more to engage in discussion on topics related to making human-AI partnerships more productive, enjoyable and fair.

PAIR Symposium

2020: Virtual Event

More information coming soon.

Talks, panels and Q&As on removing barriers to machine learning and AI, with a focus on the intersection of policy, design and technology.

The UX of AI

2018: Zurich, Switzerland

Day-long series of talks and panels focused on UX of AI. Topics included model interpretability, augmented intelligence, inclusivity and human–AI collaboration.

The Human Side of AI

2017: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

PAIR’s inaugural symposium. Featured conversations with academics, researchers and artists exploring questions like: ‘How do humans and AI work together?’ and ‘How can AI benefit everyone?’.